Sliding cold-store door


• Automation
• KIT-EXPORT Modular system
• Lock with key (Manual/Automatic)
• ISO- Peephole
• Polyethylene sheet protections/stainless
• RAL TRAFFIC Frame 1026 bright lacquered-RAL 2005
• Frame with trolley / Frame step elevated.
• Hood system for air passage
• Double-leaf opening system
• Inscribed pedestrian walkway



Environment (Tº)
Conservation ( 0ºC a +8ºC)
Freezer ( 0ºC a -20ºC)
Tunnel Freezer ( 0ºC a -40ºC)
Structural steel leaf thicknessS220GD / 0,6 mmS220GD / 0,6 mmS220GD / 0,6 mm
Metal coatingPET 55 µ Stainless prelacquered white/inox.PET 55 µ Stainless prelacquered white/inox.PET 55 µ Stainless prelacquered white/inox.
Nominal Leaf Thickness 100mm120mm140mm
FoamPIR (40-45kg/m3)PIR (40-45kg/m3)PIR (40-45kg/m3)
Thermal conductivity 0.020 W/mK0.020 W/mK0.020 W/mK
Heating resistance30W/m50W/m
Commercial standard measures1500*22001500*2200
Industrial standard measures2200*27002200*2700
Maximum measures (*)3000x45003000x4500
Panel shaft width Light width+60mmLight width+60mmLight width+60mm
Panel shaft heightHigh light+30mmHigh light+30mmHigh light+30mm
(*) Special measures in consultation with the technical department.
Generic Plans
Outter Frame Width Light width+260mmLight width+260mmLight width+260mm
Outter Frame HeightHigh light+130mmHigh light+130mmHigh light+130mm
Upper Guide Length2 x Light width + 250mm2 x Light widthz + 250mm2 x Light width + 250mm
Side Guide LengthLight width + 200 mmLight width + 200 mmLight width + 200 mm
Top Guide HeightHigh light + 250High light + 250High light + 250
Automatic Top Guide HeightHigh light + 270High light + 270High light + 270
Ditch Dimensions
Ditch lengthLight width + 300Light width + 300
Ditch width80 mm80 mm
Ditch depth40 mm40 mm

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