Thinner, lighter, better


The HI-QuadCore F micro-cell insulating core has unbeatable thermal properties, with a lambda thermal conductivity of just 0.019 W/m.K.


High fire resistance

On contact with fire, the outer face of the QuadCore core chars only superficially, protecting its interior. This property entails a series of important improvements in the fire behavior of the insulating panel.


The advantages of QuadCore technology


• QuadCore panels have a high fire resistance and are the optimal solution for fire compartmentalisation in refrigeration, logistics and building installations.


• QuadCore panels are classified as Euroclass B-s1,d0, with no lateral flame spread, limited smoke generation and no flaming particle fallout. This is the best possible classification for panels with organic insulating cores.


A dual focus on sustainability


The high environmental sustainability of the HI-QuadCore F panel serves two purposes: the sustainability of the product (reduced consumption of resources for its manufacturing, high recyclability) and the reduction of emissions associated with its use (during both the construction process as well as once it is installed).


Trust and peace of mind


The high stability of the HI-QuadCore F panel’s hybrid core guarantees its high durability, even under the most adverse conditions.

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